Fact, Fiction or Faction – Santa Claus


It’s the end of May, so what better time of year to talk about Santa Claus. Few people know this, but Santa Claus was originally a shaman during ancient times, the son of a Sami woman and a Germanic invader. He achieved great power through the use of psychoactive plants, a skill he learned from his mother. Neither he nor his mother were accepted by the Germanic invaders, and he was always an outcast among the newcomers. He always eyed with suspicion and anger the way the newcomers treated their children. He made himself a defender of the children. But whenever the people saw him, they drove him away. They accused him of terrible things. He lived in the remote and icy areas, where he still lives today. At times, he was thought of as a god. At others, as a man of perversions and dark activities. His knowledge of entheogens  allows his psychic presence to be transmitted far and wide. He continues to live on the edges of civilization where he can do his work with little interference. For those who encounter him, he is a source not of merry-making and joy, but of fear.