The Omnipresence of Language


Language. What is it when it comes down to it? Conventionally, language is looked upon as a formal system for communicating using abstract sounds or symbols that stand in place of something else of either a concrete or abstract nature. But it is more. Certainly, it is used to communicate. But communication can be spontaneous. That is, meaning can be transmitted without any exploitative intent. The rising sun has no intent to communicate such concepts as “east,” “morning,” or “awakening,” but it does. The communicative aspect of language clearly goes beyond how it is used. Using language for communication is one aspect of language, but only one. Language occurs both intentionally and spontaneously. The focus of academic studies for thousands of years has been on the intentional use of language –- the arbitrary but intentional assignment of signs by communities of people to represent the persons, places, things, concepts, and ideas that surround us and inhabit us. Yet, language is as much a part of the natural order as chemical compounds, elements, matter, energy, electrons, protons, neutrons, and whatever else scientists are currently proposing as the basic structure of the universe. More so, really. For language is truly the fundamental stuff from which our universe, our very existence is composed.
“A bold statement,” you may well say. I have, in fact, backed up these assertions with empirical evidence, over and over again, before my academic colleagues. Unfortunately, their minds are constrained by the orthodoxies to which they subscribe. Closed-minded ignoramuses. They cannot see or hear what is right in front of them. Yet, I have rigorously checked and re-checked my theories against the experimental data, and there is no fault in my methodology nor in my conclusions. That they can never say.
They speak of overwork, of obsession, of madness. Ad hominem attacks that don’t address the arguments or the data. Their actions against me have sought my ruin, so dangerous is the truth. They have not fully seen how dangerous. Dangerous beyond their narrow reckonings. I have demonstrated over and over that a command of language can re-shape so-called reality itself. They cannot deny their senses! But somehow they do. And they call me mad?
Of course, the implication here is that each thing in existence is constantly in the act of communicating. A constant chatter, if one had ears to hear it. Mesmerizing. Overwhelming. Omnipresent. You thought your mother talked too much. You seek for quiet and solitude. These are illusions. They do not exist. My discovery has had one unfortunate side effect. Well, in reality, it cannot properly be called a side effect since it is of the very nature of the phenomenon of language, for it truly is everywhere. But my recognition of it has meant that I am bombarded with communications on a continual and permanent basis. Sleep comes only fitfully. Sound sleep is a distant memory. Concentration on any one activity is nearly impossible, for it is as if there is a family of billions that is bickering around me. I am assailed. It is the price I have paid for knowledge of the truth. Would I do it again? I would like to think so. I would like to think I still believe the truth is the most important, the most precious thing in existence. But now I am not so sure.