Somewhere in Cyberspace

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Somewhere in Cyberspace someone lurks. He may be a he. He may be a she. She may be a he. She may be a she. But when it lurks, it lurks. Dark corners it inhabits. Waiting. Watching. Endlessly patient. Eternally vigilant. It wears gloom like a thick black cloak. Its breath in the cold generates a thick fog. It is watching me. I am exposed to the lurker. Willingly. It a voyeur. I an exhibitionist. We speak a silent language, tattooed in black on nightmare skies. It draws invisible pictures of me in the midnight air. More and more, these pictures capture the essence of me. And as they do, my substance begins to fade. My features begin a slow process of erasure. My countenance grows blank, I am becoming vagueness itself.

Somewhere in Cyberspace someone lurks. Fascinated by the images. Indifferent to me. Welcome.