Dogs – Straw and Otherwise


Are we not for the most part well-trained dogs? Our instincts beaten out of us or quieted with the promise of treats and approval from our cultural masters? Do we not salivate involuntarily when the bell rings, whether it is on our televisions, over the Internet, or in the voices of people who claim to want what is best for us? What would you give to insure that you don’t lose your internet connection? Or to maintain access to cable TV? Or to live in a house adequate to your needs — but more importantly your desires –- and that meets with the general approval of the circles within which you move?

I sell my soul one thousand times a day. And yet perhaps the joke is on them since, having sold my soul once, anything else I have sold after that initial transaction has been a counterfeit. Yes, I have in my possession a multitude of counterfeit souls. I am wanted in several jurisdictions as a result.

Yet even I, the most domesticated of beasts, I assure you, even I sometimes bare my teeth, if only for a moment, or, when, no one is looking, make off with the thing I desire. The dog knows when his master is not looking. It is then that the domesticated animal is most alive, in touch momentarily with his instincts. Then, it is back to domestication. Tied to a desk. Leashed to a bed. Waiting for meal-time and sleep.