Fiction, Fact, or Faction? Clowns

Clowns. Raucous. Antic. Chaotic. Dangerous.

Clowns are a relatively modern invention. But not many people know that the origins of modern clowns are in prehistoric times.

Archaeologists have long known of the existence in the Venice, Florida area of sites reflecting a “clown cult” that existed seemingly before the arrival of any of the ancestors of the Native American tribes. We know the cult survived into modern times, for we have the record of Franciscan friars from the early 18th century, as well as the notes of the expedition of Sir Joseph Banks, president of the Royal Society in London. The Creek have a deep fear of these “Night People,” as they call them. While the Creek make distinctive use of clown imagery in their “Crazy Dance,” this only reflects a ritualistic attempt to ward off the terrors of a much older clown culture.

To this day, the manic howls of the clown cult can be heard piercing the night in remote areas outside the metropolitan area. Reports going back over two centuries tell of children periodically disappearing without explanation in the area. Few familiar with the clown cult will talk about it.

The cult would have remained a merely local phenomenon were it not for the establishment of a “clown college” near the Venice area in the late 1800s. The cult infiltrated and then took over the college. Today, every clown is a spiritual descendant of the infamous, corrupted “clown college.” And the demonic influence of the prehistoric clown cult has spread throughout the world like a deadly virus.